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YouTube Star Cammie Scott's Wife, Kara Godfrey, Files for Divorce

By Gary Trock

Popular YouTube star Cammie Scott has apparently been dealing with some drama that didn't make the cut of her lifestyle vlog because her wife just filed for divorce. According to court records obtained by The Blast, Kara Godfrey filed Friday in a Los Angeles-area courthouse to end her marriage with Scott.

It's currently unclear when the ladies tied the knot or what caused the split, but according to their social media, there was definitely evidence of possible trouble in paradise.

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Evidence of a Break-Up?


Scott and Godfrey have been together for a few years, and although Cammie keeps her IG page, with almost 500K followers, strictly based on self-promotion, Godfrey regularly shared photos displaying the couple's love.

However, the last photo of the two is back on August 23 during a sushi dinner at Nobu in Newport Beach. Another friend was snapping pictures of the two and Godfrey captioned the pic, "When someone tries to take a pic of us with the flash on at dinner." Since that post, Godfrey has only shared solo shots of herself without Scott.

Scott has not addressed any relationship drama with Godfrey on her social channels, but she did drop a cryptic IG pst a couple days ago regarding anxiety. While taking a spa day at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, CA Scott wrote:

"Yesterday I was at the spa, today I have anxiety. Life is silly 🙃 How’re we feeling today fam? Let’s share some tips on how you deal with anxiety! Asking for a friend. Her name is Cammie."

Scott's recent YouTube vlog, posted 6 days ago, deals with her daily skin and hair routine ... but didn't talk about washing anyone out of her life.

Who Is Cammie Scott?


28-year-old Cammie Scott may not have the following of a Logan Paul or Tana Mongeau, but she's a rising star in the digital influencer world. She became well-known after helping launch the YouTube channel, nowthisisliving, which she started with her girlfriend at the time, Shannon Beveridge. The two made LGBTQ focused videos on social issues and their lives, and amassed a following of over 350,000 subscribers.

In 2016, Shannon and Scott broke up and she began filming her own YouTube lifestyle videos. She soon began a relationship with Godfrey, an LA-based event promoter.

Scott and Beveridge have stayed close friends over the years though, and even filmed a YouTube video about staying friends with your ex. While drinking beer and laughing a lot, the ladies spoke about moving on from their relationship ... but also admitted that it's still ok to have feelings about missing a significant other or friend. They definitely seemed to still be completely in sync, and although the video was filmed 2 years after they broke up, it does raise eyebrows a bit seeing that Scott is once again going through a split.

Along with social media, Scott is a co-owner of The Ripple Effect Co., which is an online store specializing in merchandise whose proceeds benefit fan-selected charity organizations and initiatives.

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