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Young Thug Dragged Back to Court by Prosecutors in Criminal Drug Case

By TheBlast Staff

Young Thug is being pulled back to court in his criminal drug case with prosecutors filing an appeal of the recent decision to throw out all evidence.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Georgia prosecutors have notified the court they are appealing the recent decision to grant Thug's motion to suppress evidence in his case.

The decision basically got all evidence being used against Thug thrown out of the case, following the rapper calling into question whether the traffic stop was legal. The judge believed it was not.

The prosecutors are not letting the case go and are now asking for an appellate court to overturn the decision on evidence. The criminal case cannot be closed or move forward until the outcome of the appeal.

The appeal being filed is a setback for Young Thug who only last month scored his huge victory in the case.

The judge granted Thug’s motion "as the stop of the vehicle was illegal in violation of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution."

The order stated, “Officer Fikes testified, unequivocally, that the sole season for stopping the vehicle was based upon a supposed window tint violation … However, there was no credible evidence present, whatsoever, how this vehicle’s window tint violated.”

Thug originally filed the motion in December, saying the cops never read him his rights before taking him to the station during the 2017 arrest. He wanted all statements he gave to them thrown out.

The case is over a September 2017 incident where he was pulled over for a window tint violation but cops supposedly smelled marijuana. They searched the car and then found other drugs and arrested Thug.

He claimed the stop of his car by police was “unlawful and additionally, there was no probable cause to search this vehicle. Thus, all evidence must be suppressed.”

The rapper said while in custody and being interrogated by law enforcement he was never read his Miranda Rights and therefore believed all his statements must be suppressed.

Young Thug claimed he was innocent of all drug charges and took issue with the grand jury indictment. He claimed they accused him of possession of multiple drugs with the intent to distribute, but he says there is no evidence provided that would back up the distribution charge in the indictment.

Back in September, a grand jury indicted the rapper on eight felony charges including possession and intent to distribute meth, weed and hydrocodone along with possession of amphetamine, Alparzolam, codeine and possession of a firearm.

The judge ordered Thug to submit to weekly drug tests and enroll in out-patient treatment but allowed him to be released again on bond.

The case could still go to trial and Thug faces years behind bars if convicted.

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