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A Sound Effect Could Be Worth $272K

Giphy | CTV

A sound effect resembling a tornado warning used in an episode of "Young Sheldon" from April 2018 may result in a $272,000 penalty for the "Big Bang Theory" spinoff.

FCC Says Sound Violated Rules


Broadcasting regulator Federal Communications Commission seeks the fine for what they say was an Emergency Alert System tone used in the episode.

Hadn't Heard This One Before

Giphy | CBS

The FCC put out a statement:

"On April 12, 2018, CBS transmitted an episode of Young Sheldon via at least 227 television stations, including 15 of CBS's owned-and-operated television stations."

"The episode included a sound effect accompanying a tornado warning, which the producers modified, but still audibly resembled actual EAS tones."

Hear It For Yourself

The sound can be heard in Season 1, Episode 18 of "Young Sheldon," and you can hear it in this clip.

It does sound awfully similar to a storm warning -- maybe slightly different?

FCC Isn't Buying the Show's Efforts

Giphy | Channel 9

Digital Spy writes that the tone cannot be used outside actual emergencies, adding that the show did try to alter the sounds to avoid any fine.

But the FCC doesn't think it was altered enough. CBS hasn't responded yet.

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