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1. A Nightmare Scenario


Renee Jensen of Harrington Park, NJ, witnessed a very creepy situation happening in her backyard on Saturday morning. While enjoying the outdoors with her boyfriend, she noticed a stuffed Pennywise doll sailing through the air and into her yard. Someone had written random numbers on its forehead and it was, to say the least, pretty creepy. Jensen explained:

"I turned it over and I jumped back and dropped the thing and yelled for Alex. He picked it up and I was freaking out. It was creepy and it had weird...I don't even know what the writing was. It looked culty."

2. A Thoughtless Prank Or Something Sinister?


Jensen wasn't sure if the Pennywise doll was some kind of prank or something more menacing, so she called the police. When the officers showed up, they didn't even want to touch the thing. Once they left, she tried to burn it.

"They left and then I burned the thing. I tried to burn it with a lighter. The stupid thing would not light because it has the flame retardant. Then I put olive oil on it. Still wouldn't light. Then I put newspaper on it and light it up on fire."

3. Can't Be Too Careful

Giphy | IT Movie

Jensen admitted that even though she burnt the doll to a crisp, she still slept with a knife that night. Does this all feel like overkill? Maybe, but Jensen doesn't care.

"I didn't want this thing on my property. I know people think it's crazy's creepy."

Could this be part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for next month's IT: Chapter 2?

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