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Woah Vicky Grounds & Pounds Bhad Babie In Studio Brawl

By Gary Trock

The beef between Bhad Babie and Woah Vicky has hit an all-time high and culminated with the two girls getting into a physical fight during a studio recording session.

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast it went down Tuesday night at Loud House Studios in Atlanta.


We're told 19-year-old Vicky was recording with local ATL rapper Lil Gotit when Bhad Babie, aka Danielle Bregoli, showed up and started drama.

We're told the 16-year-old rapper started talking smack and then allegedly charge Vicky, sending both stars tumbling to the ground.

Video surfaced online of the tussle, which appeared to show Bhad Babie on the bottom with Vicky in a position.


According to The Blast's resident MMA expert, Vicky appeared to be moving into a dominant side control position, clearly having the upper hand in the fight.

Sources close to Vicky tell The Blast that neither girl suffered any injuries in the fight, and in fact, the two have already spoken about a possible rematch.

Another Angle

Vicky also captured video of the beginning of the fight, which shows Babie charging at her ready for action.

Bhad Babie Responds


Bhad Babie is already sounding off after her defeat, and claims Vicky only one because others interfered.

She made the comments on, of course, Instagram.

"Why don't you just pull up with no dudes ... nobody holding nobody back lol have fun editing your video."

"Y'all see shorty holding my hair throwing an dmissing what are y'all tryna prove you see dude holding us back. I told her pull up where I'm at with by herself and she won't."

Bhad Babie then claimed, in a run-on sentence.

"I'm not even engaging in this bs no more anyone who says I got beat up is delusional this girl ain't hit me one time she grabbed my hair and some how ended up on top of me the whole time my face stayed untouched not even a lash missing."


Tay has since gone back into the private sector, but the feud between Vicky and Bhad Babie remains red hot.

Vicky has remained largely out of the spotlight lately but has been teasing a big comeback.

She recently told fans that new music was on the way, and also sent out a mysterious tweet apologizing to anyone she's ever offended.

We don't think that apology was meant for Bhad Babie.

Who She Is

Woah Vicky is an Internet personality and rapper from Georgia.

She rose to prominence in 2017 after posting a video claiming she was 25% African-American, according to a DNA test she claimed to have taken on

However, after a run-in with law enforcement, it was later confirmed that Vicky is White.

Beef With Snoop Dogg


Back in 2018 Vicky narrowly escaped a huge problem after making a bizarre threat to Snoop Dogg.

She had posted a video showing the then-18-year-old waving around a firearm that appeared to be a submachine gun alongside two male friends shouting various obscenities and threats directed towards Snoop Dogg and DJ Drama.

It's unclear what their beef was with Snoop at the time, but he did not appreciate the taunts.

Luckily for Vicky, Snoop graciously let her off the hook.

During an appearence on "The Howard Stern Show," the "Drop It Like It's Hot" star admitted if Vicky had tried to step up to him 10 years ago, things would have been much different.

However, Snoop explained he is older and wiser and was willing to forgive the IG personality.

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