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Willow Smith Shows Off Fresh Face After Dad Will Laughs At Her Face Mask

By Jeff Mazzeo

Willow Smith let her fans bask in the glory of the results of her strict skin-care routine despite her famous pops making fun of her for it.

The 19-year-old shared a fresh-faced selfie to her Instagram story on Saturday. Her skin looked flawless as she highlighted her shaved head and multiple piercings. Willow took advantage of the warm weather and blue sky as she showed off the results of her meticulous face mask routine.

Her pic comes shortly after Will Smith gave her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith and her a hard time for baking a cake while wearing their face masks (skin-care ones).

Scroll down to see her selfie and Will tease them.

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Will shouldn't poke fun because whatever Willow is doing is totally working but you can take the kid out of Philly but you can't take the Philly out of the kid.

"I think they misunderstood the need for Face Masks," Will joked in the caption of his annoying video.

Willow was put off by her dad's antics when he ran up on her with the camera. "Will you stop?!" she said as she waved Will away.

Jada wasn't too thrilled with his video either but reposted it with the caption, "When jokas mad cause you can multitask! 🤣✨"

Letting The Smoke Clear


Smith claims she is thinking clearly for the first time and she attributes it to not smoking. The young star opened up about her recreational smoking and how she came to the realization that it was impacting her life in a negative way on a recent episode of "Red Table Talk" on Facebook Watch. She called her habit "excessive" but divulged that she has been smoke free for three months.

"When I stopped smoking it was a really big eye-opener,” she told her mom and grandma. “There are so many people that I called friends in my life who just kind of like [drifted away]. It really made me think like, ‘This is really interesting.’”

Yoga For The Mind And The Body


It's no secret that Willow has been putting in some serious work when it comes to Yoga and she often shares her accomplishments with her millions of fans on Instagram.

"<FIRST TIME> successfully finishing the transition from handstand to titibasana 🌟 so excited to try the transition back wards 🥵," she captioned a recent video of some very impressive moves.

"YESSS, BEAN!!!" Will commented.

Will may joke a little too much but he fully supports his family.

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