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Will Smith & Dave Chappelle May Run On Presidential Ticket: 'Get the Right Celebrity in Office'

By TheBlast Staff

President Big Willie Style and V.P. Chappelle kinda has a nice ring to it, and if we're lucky we may actually get a chance to vote the power duo into office.

Ok, they're definitely probably not going to run, but Will Smith and Dave Chappelle did mull over the idea of heading up the next presidential administration. The two stars were leaving the Peppermint Club in Hollywood, after Chappelle performed stand-up, and were asked about Kanye West running for president in 2020.

Chappelle says he honestly had no idea, but the photog is unsure if he's joking, but then he says that whoever is elected, "Hopefully we'll get the right celebrity in office."

It's then suggested that Smith run for president, and says it's something he may consider. Chappelle suggests he become the veep, that way "Nothing bad will happen to Will."

We laugh now, but crazier things have happened...


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