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Want To Learn How a Colonoscopy Works? Watch Will Smith’s New Vlog

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By Gabriela Silva

Will Smith, the baddest and most recognized film actor barred it all for his viewers in his new Vlog. Smith kept things real and vlogged his first colonoscopy while in Miami. Of course, he did it with some style and humor. Smith is now at the age of fifty where he has to keep track of his health. Alongside Dr. Ala Stamford, he was more than ecstatic to document this momentous experience, but its also becomes a learning curve.

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To show the seriousness of his procedure he had some fun in the editing room. He made the explanation of what a colonoscopy entails in an old fashioned black and white film effect. The conversation was subtitled due to his microphone malfunction.

The effects, subtitles, plus his witty humor made the teachable moment hilarious. Dr. Stamford explained the procedure takes place in the large intestine (colon) where they will look (oscopy). Smith dumbs it down with,” So they gonna LOOK up my A--”.

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For anyone unfamiliar with the procedure, a colonoscopy is performed on men after the age of fifty to check for any irregularities in the intestines and rectum. Will Smith became a little scared when Dr.Stamford explained just how physical things get and how far it goes. We get a front-row seat to Smith going to the hospital and even a blurred image of his backside. The last image we see before recovery is Smith turning to his side. Yikes.

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Smith took it like a champ and his humor is intact. Like a true sweetheart, he even took a picture with a fan in an elevator even after making the joke, “Sorry fan, I cannot take a picture. I just had a colonoscopy”.

A few days later Smith gets his results and is required to do more frequent colonoscopies every two to three years. Do not worry our beloved actor is still healthy and fit to keep making box office movies.

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Dr. Stamford explained that many people believe that just because they feel healthy or look healthy, they do not need to get regular check ups. This can cause risk if an illness goes undetected at its early stage and becomes too late to receive treatment. Dr. Stamford and Smith raise awareness for men to receive regular checkups in order to prevent and take precautions for future illnesses.

Joking and humor aside, Smith's vlog is worth a watch to learn about a routine check-up for men.

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