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Are They Really Fighting Words?


The daytime talk show "The View" is known for its fights among the hosts.

They're not all going to agree on everything they discuss. And if they did, that would be a pretty boring television show. But Whoopi Goldberg, one of the show's hosts, says they're not really fighting -- it's not like that at all.

Goldberg, who joined the show in 2007 after the show's founder, Barbara Walters, had left, probably has the most experience of all the "View" ladies, and she has something to say .

It's Still a Show


Goldberg wants to let people know that those "fights" that are seen on the show are not actually fights.

And she adds that people certainly would be able to know the difference if they were actually having a knock-down, drag-out fight.

"I've been there for almost 10 years; everyone has what they need to do, and folks, when it's women, they say, 'You know, they're fighting,' if we were fighting, you'd actually know it. Okay?

We're not like, 'Stop it, you're so mean to me.' We will slap you into next week. So if we were truly fighting, there would be issues."

A Level Head

Goldberg appeared on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," to discuss the show. Clearly, she's remaining calm about the whole thing, and that's good to know.

If they were out there every day getting stressed about arguments with one another, the show would just end up being a big mess of chatter and shouting.

But Goldberg says that they're getting paid to be there -- they're getting money to have these discussions, which can sometimes get heated.

'That's Okay'

Goldberg seems to make the connection that it's just like having a close-knit family who just disagrees a lot.

"You know, it is living with other people who are not you; they think differently, they want to say different stuff. I figure that's okay — they're trying to do their gig too, because after all, this is our day job, where they're paying us for our opinions, so that's what we do," Goldberg said.

Making Their Views Heard

And when the hosts do start to talk over one another, and resort to shouting to get their voice heard, Goldberg is there too keep everyone in check.

"Everybody has something to say at the table, we really do want to hear from everybody, but we're starting to [talk over each other]. It is 'The View'.

You know what, let me tell you something about 'The View': This show has always had the ability to have different points of view, which we respect around the table. And when we talk to each other, we also exhibit respect. so when I'm saying to you, 'Hold up, because we're not hearing each other,' I'm not trying to cut you off — I'm trying to get you heard."

Kudos to Goldberg for keeping calm and keeping everyone happy at that roundtable.

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