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Whitney Cummings Goes Rogue at Malibu Wine Safari, Cares for Animals After Wildfires

By TheBlast Staff

Whitney Cummings is one of the many celebrities heavily criticizing a famous Malibu ranch, claiming the animals were left to fend for themselves when the deadly wildfires were ravaging the coast.

Cummings has been actively leading a charge all weekend to help spread the word specifically about recovery efforts in Malibu as the fires in California continued to rage throughout the state. She focused much of her efforts on Saddlerock Ranch and the Malibu Wine Safari, where many exotic animals are housed as year-round tourist attractions.

The comedian said she did a "jailbreak" and got onto the ranch to check on Stanley the giraffe, and is doing "everything she can" to make sure he's safe. She was also asking for bails of hay to be donated, and showcasing the damage that had been done to the surrounding area.

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In one shot, the fire appeared to have burned all the way up to the enclosure of Stanley, who appeared in "The Hangover 3," while Cummings scolds, "shame on you" to the company for "not evacuating this animal or any of your animals." She claims to have more photos showing "how bad the damage is," to prove she's not being overly dramatic.

As we reported, MWS posted an update Saturday afternoon and claimed they had evacuated many animals, and lost a few upon returning back. Cummings is challenging that narrative, and claiming there was no evacuation plan in place. She says the current area the animals are being housed is too smoky, and has offered to provide trailers to move them out.

The star is not alone in her feelings, as other celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Khloé Kardashian have voiced outrage about the animals still being on the property.

Monday morning, Malibu Wines began posting videos showing their animals being seemingly well-cared for, but have not yet addressed the accusations from Cummings.

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