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You Got There First!

Gettyimages | Sarah Morris

Wendy Williams and Howard Stern became friends again after they exchanged some nasty words last May, but now a spat has reignited between them.

Williams got into the National Radio Hall of Fame before Stern did. Williams was inducted in 2009, while Stern got the honor in 2012.

That fact continues to bother Stern. He brought it up again on his SiriusXM radio show on Monday while talking about the Critics Choice Awards, which doesn't acknowledge radio as a category.

While he was digging on that, he mentioned again how Williams was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame before he was.

“No offense to Wendy Williams, but they put Wendy Williams in before me,” he said, according to People.

Williams Wants To De-Escalate the Feud


Williams responded to Stern in the "Hot Topics" segment of her show, though it doesn't sound like she's looking for a fight.

“Now you looky here Howard, I’m tired of fighting with you, man. Why do you always have to fight with me? Because you think I’m the low-lying fruit? Why? … Why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you, I’m minding my own business, trying to watch 'The Bachelor.' ”

But Stern Got Into Movies


Williams' message to him also made clear that she likes him, and acknowledged that perhaps her jump to television helped catapult her over Stern into the Radio Hall of Fame.

“Don’t hate on me because I got in before you. I know the only reason I got in is that I had a new talk show. I went from radio, successful, to TV with my own show. You haven’t done that. …. Howard, all I am saying is, keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars, your beautiful wife Beth, all of those animals that you will rescue and be happy, man. And stop hating on me. Because I don’t hate you!”

'So Hollywood'

In March, a feud was sparked between them after Williams said Stern lost his edge and that he was "so Hollywood." Stern replied that she was a "jealous bitch."

Last May, the two made up -- Stern wrote an apology in The Hollywood Reporter, saying he regretted those harsh words.

“That was me at my worst. I thought she was saying that I was a piece of s— and I sucked. But as [I hear it] now, I don’t see it as an offense at all. If ‘Hollywood’ means that I’ve evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yeah, she hit the nail on the head.”

Ball's In Howard's Court Now

Williams spoke about being heartbroken after first hearing his words, but she didn't want any feud at that time either.

“The idea that you apologized … I love him! My heart was so broken when he was fighting with me because I wasn’t fighting with him!

Howard, you know what, if you never apologized to me ever in your life, you would still be one of the most influential people in shaping my career — you and Oprah, that’s it.”

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