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Wendy Williams & Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Sell NJ Home At Slashed Price Due To COVID-19

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Mike Walters

Wendy Williams has come one step closer to completely shutting ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, out of her life -- after the couple finally sold their New Jersey home following their nasty divorce.

According to sources close to the deal, Wendy and Kevin slashed the price on their NJ mansion after the outbreak of COVID-19 did a number on the housing market in the area.

The house was originally listed at close to $2 Million but was just sold for $1.475 Million. As you can see, they were forced to cut the price down by several hundred thousand dollars.

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See Photos Of The Stunning Home!

Jamie Silverman / Coldwell Banker

The ex-couple's real estate agent, Jaime Silverman, says the reason for the big cut is the rippling effect of COVID-19 on the housing market. Keep in mind, the amount of buyers for a multi-million dollar home gets smaller as the price goes up!

The good news, the buyers are a young family who is super excited about moving into Wendy's old home, and are calling it their 'dream home.' Plus, they are HUGE Wendy Williams fans, and the talk show host even dropped by to wish them well.

Our sources say, Wendy is very happy and ending this part of her life and excited about her new chapter. She is also pumped for the new season of her show, and tying up all the loose ends is great.

COVID-19 Forced The Price Of The Home Down By Hundreds Of Thousands

Jamie Silverman / Coldwell Banker

We broke the story, the process of selling the house wasn't the easiest process in the world. It was put on the market, taken off, and then placed back on again as a pocket listing.

The house is awesome! It comes loaded with 5,700 square feet, including 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The master suite comes packed with huge walk-in closets and a jacuzzi and steam style shower!

As we reported, Wendy and Kevin's divorce was settled in January, and selling the house was one of the last things needing to be taken care of to end the process.

Wendy Williams & Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Splitting Profits From The Home

Jamie Silverman / Coldwell Banker

In the settlement, Wendy reportedly gave Kevin a one-time lump sum payment, but the amount was not disclosed. Williams will also have to carry Hunter's health insurance, and split the amount of money the couple made off of the sale of the home.

Plus, Kevin reportedly was able to keep to luxury whips including a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce!

Hunter was also given severance from Wendy's television show company, something he played a major role in for many years. Again, the amount was not disclosed.

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