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Mom Troubles For Ashley Graham

The video of model Ashley Graham changing the diaper of her 7-week-old baby has gone viral.

Graham posted the video several days ago, explaining that there was a diaper "blowup," which many new parents can likely relate to.

"Sh💩t just got real! First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!" she wrote.

Now talk-show host Wendy Williams is here to tell us why Graham made a big mistake, in her eyes.

Williams Wasn't Even In the Store

Giphy | Lifetime

Williams was making the point that Graham could have changed her baby's diaper in other, more private places.

“If you’re taking your 7-week-old baby to Staples, you’re watching the baby more than you’re watching where the Sharpies and rings of paper, and cartridges for your printer are… Why didn’t she take the baby out to the car? … I just wish she would’ve done something different,” Wendy said.

Graham said there was no restroom in sight, but that claim is a little hard to believe, since most big-box department stores have bathrooms customers can use in a pinch. That depends on each individual store, though. Regardless, Graham didn't say that she tried to ask to use a bathroom.

'Ashley ... This Is Not Hot'


“This is not cool and I don’t know why we have to know about it on your Instagram. This is not hot. Ashley, I like you, but this is not hot, this is sending a bad message," Williams wrote.

“I don’t want to see this in the store… What I don’t want to see is a rich lady doing this then you all thinking you can do this, nope, not cool, not hot.”

Highly Doubtful She Left the Diaper There


Other Instagram users, like ashley_j_05_13, agree with Williams.

"Why not ask where the bathroom is or take ur baby to the car ?? It’s so rude and disgusting for other ppl in the store I understand u have to do what u have to do but think of other and the employees. I hope your not like everyone else and left the diaper on the floor. And what makes it that ur a good mom change a babies diaper on the floor ?? I don’t understand."

13benroberts was a little more straightforward, writing: "Tf is wrong w you keep that shit to yourself that’s nasty asl."

Just an Accident

Giphy | Bones

alwys_me_ acknowledged that having a diaper blowout while you're out doing errands or just trying to go about your day can be especially tough, but even she thinks Graham should have taken care of it in the car.

"Yup, been there... Thou, I would've run to my car. To many germs and filth on that carpet in addition, you run the risk of him peeing or pooping again while changing. I see the changing mat peeps, it could've been explosive again. Just sharing my opinion like everyone else."

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