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You Gotta See Jason Momoa Let A Bear Eat A Cookie From His Mouth In Scary New Video

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Jeff Mazzeo

Jason Momoa is not afraid to mess with a bear and it is not because he's 6'4". The "Game of Thrones" star shared an amazing video to his Instagram where he has a giant bear eat a cookie straight from his mouth! The video starts with Jason putting a big cookie in between his lips and he gets down on both knees. The bear gently snatched the cookie really quick but not quick enough to leave his face clean and dry. "He slobbered on you," Jason's friend exclaimed from off-camera. Momoa then reached up and wiped the slobber from his signature beard with his sleeve.

"The things we do for our ART," Momoa wrote in the caption of his post. "The bear needs to know your scent. So here’s my cookie kisses big guy." Momoa performed the stunt to promote his new movie, "See" which just came out on Apple TV+.

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Fans Were Shocked


The video seems to have been shot during the production of Jason's new Apple TV+ flick based on his outfit and the fact that he is hanging out with a freaking bear. "Holy cow," one fan exclaimed in the comments of his post, while another said, "Oh to be that bear." "Everyone is jealous of that bear," one enthusiastic fan said. There were a few followers that made it clear to Momoa that they think the bear should be freed and not kept in captivity but overall his followers loved the risky post.

He Told The Story On 'The Ellen Show'

Momoa appeared on "The Ellen Show" yesterday as he continues the promotion of his new project. He danced and swiveled his hips dressed as Elvis as he made his way through the crowd to the stage. He told Ellen that the cookie escapade with the bear was not just for a cool Instagram video. He explained that he was scared but that is the way the animal gets used to your scent. "He's like, 'it's gonna be okay' so you just trust the trainer." During his interview, he discussed how he had to fight the bear while pretending to be blind. Momoa said he endured months of training and learned how to fight with no eyesight for that specific scene and other action sequences.

Is He A Bear Of A Cat Guy?


Ellen asked Momoa about his recent cover for Esquire Magazine. She was confused as to why Jason was seductively posing while holding a cat. He said that was just a random cat. "It was a random cat on set," Jason told Ellen. "And they were like, hold the cat." Ellen seemed a little dumbfounded and asked, "do you like cats?" Momoa quickly responded by saying, "No" but he immediately explained, "I don't not like cats, I just don't own a cat. I'm just not a cat person."

Momoa's Beard Is Back!


Jason is extremely passionate about stopping single-use plastic because it is bad for the environment. He is so passionate that he shaved his beard off to bring attention to his new water company that uses aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles. He shaved back in April and as you can see by looking at his costume, the beard is back and better than ever.

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