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'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Hints That Negan May Be Released This Season

By Emily Reily

More hints are being dropped about Season 10 of "The Walking Dead." This time, it sounds like Negan might be released soon.

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What's Going To Happen In Season 10?


Showrunner Angela Kang has dropped another hint about Negan's fate in Season 10.

Negan has been imprisoned for quite a long time, sent there by Rick Grimes and kept there by Michonne. So maybe it's time he was set free.

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Negan Stuck His Neck Out


Remember that in Season 9, Negan saved Judith, Rick's daughter, along with Daryl's dog. Kang may be suggesting that it could be that act of bravery that sets him free.

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We've Had Hints About Negan's Status


Kang noted also that Negan was not seen tied up recently.

“We had a whole year with him in his cell. So I think after his heroic rescue of Judith, people might’ve noticed that when he was in that bed in the infirmary, he was not tied up or cuffed.

And it sounds like fans are also wanting better things for Negan.

"So we’re dealing with the next stage of what things are for Negan. I think for people who have been wanting us to release the Negan, there will be some satisfaction there.”

Negan Being Negan


Kang wanted to add that she's very fond of Negan's storyline because of his "edge."

“Negan’s story is one of my personal favorites in this season. Things get complicated, because it’s Negan. Some of the stuff [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] is doing is so compelling, because here’s this guy who has been on a path of trying to redeem himself in some way, but he’s still Negan. He’s not the hero. He’s, at best, an antihero, but there’s definitely darkness and an edge to him.”

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