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Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Shares 'Hottest Mugshot Ever' for Viral Trend

By Jeff Mazzeo

All the people who are fixing their makeup and taking selfies that look like mugshots have probably never been arrested but a cool trend is a cool trend and fans were quick to crown Corinna Kopf the queen of mugshots.

The video game streamer added her "beat up" picture to the ever-growing #mugshotchallenge on Sunday. The influencer's long blonde hair looked a little disheveled (totally not normal for perfect hair Corinna), her mascara was running a little and she had droplets of "blood" dripping out of her nose. Kopf wore a black tank top and accessorized with a golden choker. It appeared that she got dressed up in her going out clothes to sell the viral trend despite being stuck at home. Her outfit makes sense because it's rare to get arrested in your pajamas.

"mugshot," Corinna simply captioned the bloody pic.

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Arrested For Stealing Hearts


The 24-year-old beauty would never break the rules... usually, but she does break hearts and her millions of fans alluded to the fact that she should be arrested for being the perfect woman.

"In jail for stealing my hearttttt aaahhhahaaaa," one fan commented on her mugshot, while another said, "mama i’m in love with a criminallll."

I think it's a pretty safe assumption that most people don't find bloody and battered picture hot but Corinna and this mugshot challenge are really pushing the social norms.

"omg how are u the hottest," a third fans gushed and a fourth said, "Your so pretty ahh😳."

Fellow YouTuber and Logan Paul's best friend, Mike Majlak made a joke and said the pic looked like "the cover of the new weeknd album."

Such A Tease


Kopf is currently renting a pretty big house but she doesn't have enough space for all of her four million followers. She thanked all of them for helping her hit the follower milestone and teased everyone by inviting them over.

"come be lazy in bed with me (thx for 4m 🥺)," Corinna said as she shared a sultry selfie from the comfort of her queen-sized bed.

This isn't the first time that she has invited all of her followers over to her house but everyone is still waiting for her to "drop that addy then 🙈."

When the whole stay at home thing started, Corinna shared a mirror selfie thirst trap and said, "come through and chill." She was obviously joking since she has been chilling all by herself.

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