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Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Demands Praise From Fans With Sultry Selfies: 'Simp 4 Me'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Corinna Kopf has serious Instagram clout and she is not afraid to flex her social media muscles on her devoted fans.

The 24-year-old video game streamer wasn't getting the attention she deserved on Saturday so she threw up a couple of sultry selfies to drive her followers crazy. Corinna wore flawless makeup, a tight tank top that showed off her toned tummy, comfy white sweat pants, and Nike shoes. Of course, the influencer long blonde locks were draped across one of her exposed shoulders. She looked stunning in the series of selfies but it was her caption that really drove her fans crazy.

"simp 4 me," the sultry siren captioned her trap post.

Keep scrolling to see if you are worthy of her attention.

'Simp 4 Me'


For those unfamiliar with what "simp" means, we will break it down like this: Simp is internet slang for someone who acts submissive in order to gain favor with someone else (typically a male tries to gain attention from a female). "To simp" would mean that one is putting someone on a pedestal and lowering oneself with selfless, sometimes embracing acts. Like declaring your love in the comments section of an Instagram post.

Not surprisingly, thousands of her followers were willing to "simp" 4 her.

"Forgive me lord for I must simp," one fan commented, while another said, "girl what do you think ive been doing for years now."

"I simp for you all the time 🥺❤️notice me 😔," one attention-starved fan wrote.

"Don’t have to ask me twice," another declared.

Her post was flooded with fans that were willing to do just about anything to get the star to notice them... it's a little embarrassing.

4 Million Milestone


The beautiful gamer celebrated reaching 4 million followers on Instagram by inviting them all over to her place to chill (we are pretty sure she was joking).

"come be lazy in bed with me (thx for 4m 🥺)," Kopf captioned a pic of herself wearing her glasses.

Her pick was a nice distraction while everyone is stuck at home but several fans are still waiting for her to "drop that addy."

Bathroom Vibes


Seems like Corinna is always feeling herself in the bathroom and who could blame her? The giant washroom looked sick! it has a stand-alone tub, twin sinks and has marble everything. We don't think she will ever drop that addy but she did give a tour of her sweet pad on YouTube.

Sadly, she revealed that she is just renting for now but there are worse places to be stuck during these crazy times.

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