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'Vanderpump Rules' Star Danica Dow's Co-Star Claims She CHOKED Him, Arguing Over '90 Day Fiancé!!'

By Mike Walters

'Vanderpump Rules' star Danica Dow is being accused of choking her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Brett Willis, this after he claims the couple had a violent argument over him 'not cleaning' his dish until the end of an episode of '90 Day Fiance.'

In the shocking legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Willis firing back after being the subject of a restraining order filed by 'Vanderpump Rules' co-star Danica Dow, who claimed he had broken into her house in the middle of the night and sliced up all of her clothes with a pair of scissors.

Well, he has a completely different story, and it is right out of an insane reality show script.

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According to the documents, Willis claims the couple got into an argument that turned violent on July 9, 2020 where he claims she 'grabbed' his neck so hear it drew blood.

"After a disagreement over not cleaning my dish until an episode of 90 Day Fiance was over, I decided to sit outside on the porch area until I felt Danica was calm enough for me to come inside and join her in the bedroom," he wrote. That's right, they started arguing over a DIFFERENT reality show.

He added, "We continued the disagreement until Danica grabbed my neck twice‚ each time digging her nails deep and pulling hard enough to scratch off some skin from my neck." Willis claimed the injury, "BIed a Iittle."

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Claims Ex-GF & Co-Star Assaulted Him Over '90 Day Fiance'


In the documents, the 'Pump Rules' star alleged several other incidents while the couple was together, where Dow was violent or assaulted him.

In February, Willis claims "after coming home from a post-Super Bowl gathering at Rock and Reilly's, (a bar in West Hollywood) Danica continued her disdain about a girl that I had reIations with while Danica and I were not together (early January). Danica ran across her bed to claw my neck and rip my shirt apart preventing me from Ieaving. As I tried to get away from her, she grabbed my arm and bit into my outer arm (bicep/tricep) drawing blood."

He claims to have photos of both injuries.

Reality Star Claims To Have Video & Photos Of The Incidents


On New Year's Eve, the 'Pump Rules' star claims the couple got into a heated argument in his room and "Danica decided to hit me across the face to shut me up."

Again, he claims to have, "RECORDED VIDEO that displays the audio of our conversation, the initial HIT to my face can be heard, and her telling me to “shut the f--k up” afterward after I asked her why she hit me."

Interestingly, Brett also mentions the infamous physical altercation the ex-couple got into while working together at 'SUR' restaurant. If you are a fan, Danica was suspended for several days after having the fight with her BF while at work.

'Pump Rules' Star Danica Dow Files Restraining Order Against Same Ex-BF!


A few days later, Willis claims Danica assaulted a date her brought to the 'Vanderpump Rules' Premiere party, and says this time the police department was forced to get involved.

"I invited my date to meet me and a couple of my friends at the afterparty bar...I was single after realizing Danica had cheated on me. Within 5 minutes of my date showing up, Danica confronted her by yelling at her and then physically assaulting her. My date then called the police. lt is documented the police showed up, handcuffed Danica, and talked to her for about an hour until my date decided not to press charges," he claims.

The reality star is asking for a judge to order Danica from speaking negatively about him publically and wants her to be forced to be 'professional' while the ex-couple is at work.

As we reported, Willis is already restrained from contacting Dow after she filed a restraining order.

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