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Judge Reverses Decision, Allows Tyrese's Ex to Take Their Daughter to Israel

By TheBlast Staff

Tyrese's victory in court to keep his daughter from going on a summer trip to Israel was shortlived — a judge has reversed their decision and is now allowing Shayla to go overseas with her mom.

As The Blast first reported, Tyrese's attorney, Ali Fishbein, argued that there was no emergency reason for Tyrese's ex, Norma, to take their daughter out of the country. Fishbein also claimed Tyrese was worried over the safety of his daughter while in Israel, especially after the uptick in violence since the U.S. embassy was moved into Jerusalem.

But Norma went back to court on Thursday morning and argued that Shayla's summer break starts today and only lasts 12 weeks. So the judge granted Norma permission to take the trip — during Norma's allotted summer vacation time with Shayla — and will release Shayla's passport so she can go.

At the conclusion of the trip, the judge ruled that Shayla's passport must be surrendered back to the court.

The judge declined to modify the summer schedule any further and encourage the two sides to work on the schedule themselves.

Norma’s request also comes on the heels of Tyrese trying to modify custody away from his ex and move his daughter to Atlanta.

Sources close to Tyrese believe his custody move was the main motivation for the sudden trip to the Holy Land, however sources close to Norma tell us she is adamant it was a planned trip and not a reaction to anything recently.

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