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Tyler Skaggs Family Believes Deadly Drugs May Have Been Supplied By Angels Team Employee

By Mike Walters

The cause of Tyler Skaggs' death shocked the sports world after it was revealed he died from a deadly combination of drugs and alcohol, and now the late pitcher's family is pointing the finger at the Los Angeles Angels.

After we broke the story that 27-year-old Skaggs died from a mix of fentanyl, oxycodone and alcohol, his family expressed surprise.

"That is completely out of character for someone who worked so hard to become a Major League baseball player and had a very promising future in the game he loved so much," the family said in a statement.

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The circumstances surrounding Skaggs death is currently under investigation by the Southlake Police Department in Texas, but the family believes there may be a connection to his baseball organization.

"We were shocked to learn that it may involve an employee of the Los Angeles Angels," the family said, adding that, "We will not rest until we learn the truth about how Tyler came into possession of these narcotics, including who supplied them.".

Tarrant County

As we reported, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner attributed "terminal aspiration of gastric contents," as another cause of death, along with the drugs and alcohol.

His death was ruled accidental.

The Angels have not yet released a statement on the cause of Skaggs' death or the allegations that the drugs may have been supplied by a member of the organization.

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