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Tyler Perry Calls For Peaceful Protests After Speaking With George Floyd's Family

By Jeff Mazzeo

Tyler Perry called the family of George Floyd to give them comfort and they made it clear that they want people to protest peacefully.

The movie mogul issued a long statement on Monday after days of outrage over the murder of Floyd. He said that the family of the slain man is "adamant in their call for peaceful protest." While civil unrest sweeps the nation, Perry let his followers hear the wishes of Floyd's family.

"I also spoke to George Floyd's immediate family and tried to speak comfort in this moment. I have to tell you - they are adamant in their call for peaceful protest," Perry wrote on social media.

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We Need To Work Together


While he acknowledged the importance and the sacrifice of the millions of people protesting in the streets, he said that there are other steps that need to be taken. Perry said that he is using his influence to reach out to people in power to effect change.

"I want you to know that while some of us are protesting out there, others of us have the gift of being able to pick up the phone and go straight to the people who have the power with the stroke of a pen to effect change," he continued.

"AND IT TAKES ALL OF US AS BLACK PEOPLE TO DO OUR PART!!. Think about this please. We're only 12 to 14 percent of the US population. With a number like that, we need allies that don't look like us. Allies who are not in the 12 to 14 percent but want to be in the number that help us."

Other Celebs Are Picking Up The Phone


He continued his statement by saying that other influential people are picking up the phone to make a change.

"There are a lot of high profile black people, Oprah, Jay-Z, Diddy, athletes, politicians, business leaders, preachers, community leaders, and on and on who are doing the same thing I was doing to help us all!!"

He continued, "There were a lot of white people that are famous that I was talking to who wanted to know how they can help. One actually said 'teach us what we need to know.'"

Praising Positive News Coverage


Tyler gave a special shout out to "Good Morning America" for showing a different side of the protests. The news is dominated by looting, violence, and fires but there are a lot of signs of solidarity that need attention too.

"Thank you GMA for showing us that there are people out there who are trying to listen. Thank you for showing the world that there were peaceful protests," he wrote.

"Thank you for showing black people protesting in peace. Thank you for showing white people and white officers taking a knee and showing the world that some of them are outraged too!!"

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