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Ellen DeGeneres' Sidekick Twitch Defends Star After Black Lives Matter Backlash

By Whitney Vasquez

Ellen DeGeneres' talk show DJ is speaking out, fiercely defending the star after she was slammed for the "tone" of her first Black Lives Matter post. Stephen "tWitch" Boss hit back at haters who critiqued his boss and friend by leaving a lengthy comment on her Instagram post which expressed her support for the protests and Black Lives Matter. Trying her hand again at supporting the cause after her first one backfired miserably over the weekend, tWitch proved he was with her every step of the way.

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Ellen's Message:

In the post, Ellen wrote, "I support the protesters who are exercising their rights and standing up against the horrible injustices that Black people in America face everyday [sic]. #BlackLivesMatter." She also informed her fans that she was opening her purse and "making a donation to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, the @NAACP_LDF, @BlkLivesMatter, and the @ACLU in support of them." After reading through comments, tWitch decided to slam all the haters, making sure Ellen DeGeneres' message was clear to all.

tWitch Fires Back!

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"This is for anybody that tries their best to translate this message as “I support looting....” PLEASE READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN," he wrote. "ELLEN HAS BROUGHT YALL KINDNESS AND LOVE LITERALLY EVERYDAY FOR THE LAST 20 years, DONT BE IN THESE COMMENTS ACTING BRAND NEW," tWitch told her followers before pleading, "Please y’all, just because you say you support protest doesn’t mean you support looting and rioting. Stop it and open your heart to what’s written here."

See His Comment!


Continuing to fiercely defend her, he questioned, "Where in the track record of what Ellen brings to the world would it make sense that she saying continue violence and destruction? I understand we are all heated right now but let’s not turn on each other just because we are heated." Ending his lengthy message, tWitch said, "Remember our hearts. And intention. But I know a lot of y’all are going to flip this😩 But for the ones that hear me though👏🏾👏🏾 Much love REGARDLESS."

Black Lives Matter Backlash:


Over the weekend, Ellen DeGeneres caught heat after her Black Lives Matter tweet backfired miserably. In the since-deleted tweet, she said nonsense like, "For things to change, things must change." People quickly slammed her over her tone and not doing more to help. Days later, the talk show host doubled down and held back tears while saying her peace. Acknowledging that she hasn't "spoken directly because I don't know what to say," she made it clear where her allies stand regardless of haters.

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