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True Thompson Is Already Living the Kardashian Life With Her Own Baby Swag

By TheBlast Staff

True Thompson might only be a few months old but she's already taking after her famous family and scoring her very own baby swag. Sound of Sleep, the makers of Khloé Kardashian's favorite white noise machine, just sent over a custom gift basket to the Good Mama and her newborn.

Sound of Sleep

Khloé recently posted on her app a glowing recommendation about her go-to sound machine for True's naptime.

"Every time True takes a nap, I play a sound machine. It's like white noise, so it blocks out any disruptive sounds around the house, like a vacuum or lawn mower," Kardashian wrote. "Also, when she hears the noise, it already kind of puts her in the state that she's going to sleep, so she's relaxed. I know babies are unpredictable and things can change every day, but for now, this has worked like a charm!"

A rep for Sound of Sleep tells The Blast that after seeing Khloé's post, they wanted to upgrade True's naps and send her their newest product, the Lectrofan Kinder.

"Beyond the white noises, this one adds a fully customizable LED light to make for an optimal sleeping environment for an infant and toddler," the rep said. "It features white noises, fan sounds, lullabies and natural sounds to lull the little one to sleep."

Plus, you can control this one via an app. True Thompson is officially living in 3018.

Between Stormi's $12,500 FENDI stroller, North's Alexander Wang birthday purse and True getting swag baskets, the next-gen KarJenners are ready to take over.


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