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Travis Barker Sends Personal Message To 2-Year-Old Suffering From Cancer For the Third Time

By Mike Walters

Travis Barker just did one of the coolest things in the world, the drummer sent a personal message to a young boy who is suffering with childhood cancer, who is one of the drummer's biggest fans.

Maverick Daniels, who is only 2-years old, has battled rhabdomyosarcoma twice already at his tender young age.

Unfortunately, on Monday, The Daniels family just found out that the cancer is back and little Maverick is beginning another battle with the disease for a third time.

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Touching Tribute

The Blast

Maverick is a huge fan of Travis Barker, and is known to break out in some drum solos while watching the 'Blink 182' star do his thing on TV.

So, a childhood cancer advocate and founder of FAM (Fighting All Monsters) heard through his organization Mavericks biggest hero was Travis Barker.

Message From Travis

Through FAM, Milk Tyson was able to deliver a heartwarming and awesome personal message from the drummer to be delivered to Maverick.


The Blast

"Sending you all the love and strength from deep inside my heart to you and your family -- and I am so honored and so excited when I see you dancing around and watching me play drums and I hope I can provide any amount of strength and happiness throughout the day -- I wish i could be there with you," Barker said.

He also sent well wishes to the Daniels family, saying, "To mavericks heart goes out to you all my love goes out to you my condolences stay strong and please keep me updated."


Giphy | blink-182

Rhabdomyosarcoma in children (RMS) is a tumor in which the cancer cells look like young, immature muscle cells. It is the most common soft tissue sarcoma (cancer of soft and connective tissue) found in children. Almost two-thirds of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma cases are diagnosed in children under six.


Blink 182

FAM has touched the lives of many children with cancer and their families. Tyson's ability to work with stars in Hollywood and the music industry has made the dreams come true of many suffers of childhood cancer.

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