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Tony Hawk Shows Off Gnarly Dislocated Fingers

By Jeff Mazzeo

Seems like Tony Hawk can’t get a handle on 2020 either.

The Birdman shared a gruesome photo of his messed up hand on Saturday. Tony appeared to dislocate multiple fingers on his right hand and as you can imagine, he did it skateboarding. He posed with his jacked-up hand raised in front of the emergency room. His middle and ring finger definitely did not look normal and Hawk's face pretty much conveyed how he was feeling.

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Get A Grip


Hawk thanked the Emergency room doctor for fixing him up.

"🖕🏽2020 ...but thanks to Dr Cho for putting my fingers back where they belong. Here’s to more healing for everyone in the next half of this year (and beyond).,” Tony captioned his post.

He included a pic of the doc with his fingers fixed but extremely swollen. Tony still had a ring on and there is no way he can get it off until the swelling goes down considerably.

A Man's Gotta Eat


Tony, his son, Riley Hawk, and some other rippers were skating a pool before the injury. He posted another shot of his hand right after it happened and said he “hung up."

The injury looked way worse than it actually was because he grubbed on some sushi and used chopsticks.

”3 hours later,” he wrote.

His wife also posted the aftermath and it already looked way better. Just another day in the life of a pro skateboarder.

Here's The Finger


Interestingly enough, he featured another broken finger just a week before he dislocated his. The pic was of a broken middle finger sculpture that was damaged during the riots and looting. Hawk used the opportunity to make a statement about racial equality.

"This fallen🖕🏽sculpture in a looted Huf store is a poignant sign of the times: the middle finger - now broken off - stood as a symbol of going against the grain, thinking for yourself and standing up for those whose voices are being silenced. The anger and emotions over blatant injustice flooded our streets yesterday and I hope the crucial message isn’t distorted due to side issues. Thanks to critical thinkers and innovative artists like @killermike and @bobbyhundreds for their fresh perspectives in these challenging times," he wrote.

"I’m not a civil rights leader nor would I ever claim to be a student of history, but I’ve seen enough to know that we’re in this together when it feels like solidarity is fleeting. So, let’s hoist that middle finger back up and be careful not to harm ourselves in the process. Black Lives Matter, dignity matters, and our voices can matter. I’ve disabled comments so this discussion doesn’t devolve into misguided blame and childish name-calling. Let’s respect each other enough to challenge injustice while maintaining a belief in humanity and maybe we can get through this shitty year with more hope and less turmoil.,” he wrote at the time.

Giving Back


Tony honored the memory of George Floyd by donating all his Cameo proceeds to a charity.

"For the next week I’ll be donating my @cameo proceeds to @colorofchange & George Floyd Memorial Fund. ,” he wrote on social media.

He also promoted the black-owned business, Ghetto Gastro, that has always supported The Tony Hawk Foundation and announced that the sale of certain shirts will go to benefit Floyd's memorial fund as well.

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