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Tony Hawk Checks In Safe From The Coronavirus After Bam Margera Shares 'Sick' Meme

By Jeff Mazzeo

Tony Hawk reached out to Bam Margera to let him know that he is healthy and safe from the coronavirus.

The skateboarding legend was taken aback when Bam shared a meme to his Instagram that vaguely implied that Hawk was sick with the deadly virus. The post was a screenshot of a text message that included a picture of Tony and the words, "say he's sick as f**k." It's unclear who or where the information was coming from but Bam, who is good friends with the Birdman, expressed his concern and captioned the post, "Say it isnt so."

"All good here, happy and healthy!" Hawk commented on Bam's post. "I’m hoping they meant I’m sick, as in slang for getting radical on my skateboard... In that case, I’ll say it’s true and accept the compliment."

His Fans Were Relieved


It didn't seem that Hawk's fans were in a panic about him being sick but they were sure happy to hear the legend is doing just fine.

"@tonyhawk please stay safe," a concerned fan commented, while another said, "tony really clarified 😂🙏🙌."

Several fans had fun with the double meaning of "sick" and declared Tony was "sick" but in the slang way he pointed out.

"totally are sick as in rad mr. Hawkman," a fan wrote. Another joked, "And when we call you the GOAT, we don't actually mean you're a goat either."

Having Fun And Staying Safe


If Tony really was sick, it would be news to him and all of his fans because he recently shared some pics of himself hanging out with Rebel Wilson, Dennis Rodman, professional snowboarder Dingo at the bowling alley in Mamouth Moutain, CA.

"If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand. Lebowski reboot is looking sweet though. 🎳👑," Hawk joked in the caption of his post.

The stars attended the annual film festival and had fun in the small, ski resort town. In fact, Rebel looked like a pitch-perfect snow bunny when she hit the slopes.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game Movie

The skateboarding pioneer proudly premiered a film about the impact of his classic 1999 video game, "Tony Hawk Pro Skater." The revolutionary video game changed the way people thought about skateboarding and was a global phenomenon.

"Thanks to @mammothfilmfestival for hosting the premiere of @thpsfilm last night, and for all of the revelry that followed. Congratulation to @ralphadamato and @ludviggur on finishing this passion project. Hope it gets appropriate distribution soon so you can share it with THPS fans worldwide 🎮🛹🎳🏂," Tony wrote on social media.

To sum up, Tony Hawk is healthy and safe. Maybe pick up the phone and text him personally next time, Bam.

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