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Tony Hawk Reveals Horrific Dislocated Finger X-Rays: 'I Still Love My Job'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Tony Hawk has fully accepted that when you are at the top of your game, you have to go down sometime.

The professional skateboarder showed off the X-Rays from his gnarly dislocated fingers on Wednesday. The X-rays looked exactly how you would imagine they looked like... totally jacked up! Hawk previously revealed that he messed up his fingers on Saturday when he was ripping up a pool with his son and some skateboarding legends.

Scroll down to see his messed up hand and his crazy X-rays.

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The Ring Had To Go


We got to see how jacked up his hand was on the outside but seeing the X-rays makes us vote for this injury to be forever remembered in the Hall Of Meat.

"Just received my x-rays from Saturday’s debacle. They had to cut my ring off before returning my bones to their full upright and locked position. My fingers are still sore / stiff / swollen but mostly functional. And I still love my job. 💀🤘🏽," Tony captioned the crazy pics.

The Pool Scene


Tony went into great detail about how he injured his hand and expressed his regret for causing a scare. We could break it down for you but why not let the pro explain it in his own words.

"We had a chance to skate a legendary backyard pool yesterday thanks to @ozzie_ausband, so I brought my oldest son Riley and our friend Chris," Tony captioned some pics pre-injury.

"The pool was smaller than I anticipated so I didn’t wear full pads, likening it to a miniramp. We were having a blast, and at one point I actually gave advice to Eddie on doing a frontside rock (one of his signature tricks, and my first “advanced” move as a kid). The session was fun until I did a backside smith stall as a set up for a backside blunt, and suddenly found myself on the flat bottom with my fingers bending in new directions. The coping was huge and I paid the price by hanging up on my back truck. In that moment, I regretted not wearing full pads.

"I am filled with divergent emotions: sadness from scaring my son & friends, regret from being cocky / careless, grateful from having an injury that could have been worse, and frustrated that I never got a backside blunt… as my skater ego endures. As pro skaters, we accept that injuries are inevitable and perseverance is key to success. But it still sucks to get hurt, especially at my age. And I’ll still be back for more."

That's Gotta Hurt


The Birdman's latest escapade landed him in the hospital and the skater gave a special shout out to the doctor that got him in line.

"🖕🏽2020 ...but thanks to Dr Cho for putting my fingers back where they belong. Here’s to more healing for everyone in the next half of this year (and beyond),” Tony captioned his post.

He included a pic of the doc with his fingers fixed but extremely swollen. It'a all in a days work for the doctor and Tony.

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