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Toni Braxton Unleashes 'Dance' Music Video Weeks After Tamar's Hospitalization

By Whitney Vasquez

Toni Braxton's career is firing up just weeks after her younger sister Tamar Braxton was hospitalized following a possible suicide attempt. The 52-year-old dropped her latest music video for her new single, "Dance," and it's making fans lose their minds. The clubby ballad is catchy and so is the video showing Toni Braxton as a strong and independent woman. Proving that her vocals are as powerful as ever, the "Braxton Family Values" star showed she's a fighter in the breakup tune.

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Making Her Return!


The single girl ballad is about finding out that someone is cheating. With lyrics like "You promised me I was the only/ Tonight you'll see I won't be lonely," the chorus will definitely make anyone want to get off their feet. "I don't give a damn, I just wanna dance the love away / I don't even care, I'm just gonna dance the love away," is what Toni Braxton can be heard singing over and over again, showing that nothing is going to stop her from living her best life. The music video comes after haters trolled her, claiming she was trying to capitalize on her sister's hospitalization.

Tamar's Hospitalization:


After she released the single last week, fans were torn between loving it and questioning if it was the right time on Toni's part considering Tamar Braxton reportedly attempted to take her own life on July 16. Toni Braxton isn't the only sister who has been called out either.

Traci Braxton was slammed for promoting her BET Her TV film, "The Couch" just days after Tamar was rushed to the hospital. Trolls didn't let Traci off easily, flooding her comments with judgment.

Watch The Music Video!


Now, fans seem to be okay with Toni Braxton going on with her career after her sister's scary incident because they are showing her lots of love about her music video. "I said it before and I'll say it again you never disappoint us fav we are so NOT WORTHY of you Queen," one fan wrote.

"BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF 2020😍 I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO TOUR😭😩," added another. As for Tamar Braxton, she broke her silence following her hospitalization and talked about her mental health, encouraging others to drop the stigma surrounding it.

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