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LAPD Investigates Scientology Bomb Threat, Suspect Mentioned Tom Cruise

By TheBlast Staff

A man called in a bomb threat to the Church of Scientology and the suspect was very interested in the whereabouts of Tom Cruise.

The Blast has learned a call was made to the church and a Scientology employee believed the caller was a white male in his early 20s. At one point in the call, he altered his voice to sound like a Middle Eastern accent.

Early in the call, the guy told the Scientology employee, "I will bomb your house."

Shortly after, the caller asked, "Does Tom Cruise happen to go to your church?"

When the employee told the caller no, the guy responded, "Wait, what church does he go to?" The employee said she did not know.

In the call, it also appears the caller made a reference to Leah Remini, but couldn't quite say her name correctly and instead asked about "Leah Leslie."

The LAPD launched its investigation last month and gathered evidence — including information about the caller — using the phone number used to make the call.

At this time, it is unclear if the cops have nabbed the suspect.

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