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Production Co. in Fatal Tom Cruise Movie Plane Crash Puts Blame Squarely on Deceased Pilot

By TheBlast Staff

The production company behind Tom Cruise's "American Made" claims Alan Purwin, the pilot they entrusted to fly the plane that would eventually crash and kill two people, lied about his credentials and passed responsibility for the fatal flight off on someone else and now they are suing his estate.

As The Blast previously reported, a plane crash on September 11, 2015 killed two of the three men on board; Purwin and Carlos Berl died, Jimmy Lee Garland survived and recovered from his terrible injuries.

The estate for Berl and Garland have filed separate lawsuits over the crash. Berl's estate has reached a confidential settlement with the insurance company.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, CCP Mena Film Holdings LCC has filed a counter-suit against Purwin's estate claiming that while Purwin said he was qualified to fly the plane in question, when in fact he was not.

Specifically, Mena claims that Purwin said he had 20,000 hours of flight time in fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcrafts but they believe he had less than 25. They also believe he had never flown the plane in question, an Aerostar 600.

Mena also alleges that their deal with Purwin called for him to be the only one to fly the plane. But on the day of the fatal crash, they claim Purwin instructed Berl to pilot the plane.

The issue of who was flying the plane has been in debate since the accident occurred. Berl's lawsuit over the crash has claimed Garland was flying, but Garland has denied it, claiming he does not remember what happened.

Mena is countersuing Purwin's estate for intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and false promise. They claim they would not have to defend themselves in this lawsuit if it wasn't for Purwin's actions.

Mena is seeking unspecified damages and the case is ongoing.

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