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Tampa Bay Mayor Writes Open Letter To Brady, Gronk -- Invites Them To Pirate Parade!

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer
By Mike Walters

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski just recieved their formal welcome from Tamba Bay, Florida's mayor who informed them of all the great things that come with living in the city (including a pirate-themed parade)-- and she reminded them of a few of the laws too!

Tampa's mayor, Jane Castor, wrote an open letter addressing the superstar team's decision to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and she began by apologizing to Brady for the issues with his first few weeks in town.

"Tom, my apologies for the miscommunication when you arrived – not the best first impression. But, given my law enforcement background, I couldn’t help but have someone investigate the sighting of a G.O.A.T. running wild in one of our beautiful city parks. No harm – no foul, and thanks for being a good sport," she began.

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Tampa Mayor Invites The Boys To Hit Up The 'Pirate Parade'

Gettyimages | Mike Ehrmann

The mayor went on to explain all the fun happenings around town and pointed Gronk in the direction of some of their awesome party scene.

"You must be ready to pARRGHty," she wrote ... adding, "But not too hard (I'm talking to you Gronk), as Super Bowl LV is the following weekend and we need to keep our eye on the prize -- a dent free Lombardi trophy!"

Obviously, she realizes Brady is a family man, who is not known for hitting up the nightlife in his previous home town. But, Gronk on the other hand, is ready to mingle!!

We're Sorry Tom For The Whole Police In The Park Incident!

Gettyimages | Jim Rogash

"There is plenty for you to do as well Gronk. Although we have to socially distance right now, in no time you will be able to enjoy our nightlife and eclectic neighborhoods ... Just remember 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service' is still in effect around here," the mayor wrote.

Castor invited the duo to remain in Florida and live out their retirement years. "We are so glad to have you here. While most people retire and come to Florida, you came out of retirement to head our way. That shows the competitive mindset we are used to while sticking it to the AARP at the same time. Looking forward to growing used to the Gronk Spike!" she said.

Tampa Mayor: You Win Super Bowl, It's Tampa Brady From Now On!!

Gettyimages | Maddie Meyer

She ended her letter with a small nudge to Tom Brady in hopes of getting the town a Super Bowl in the near future.

"So let's get serious, how can we help you guys win the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl LV? It is our aim to be the first team to win a Super Bowl in our own backyard. We dream big and set the bar high around here, more importantly, we get things done."

She added, "Tom, It’s Tampa Bay. You win us a Super Bowl and we’ll discuss Tampa Brady."

We can't wait!!

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