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Tom Brady Reveals 5 Mind-Blowing Facts In Men's Health Interview

By Jeff Mazzeo

Tom Brady is not only the GOAT QB, he may be the world's greatest athlete.

His longevity and ability to stay competitive with the elite is virtually unmatched in any field, and in the newest issue of Men's Health, he gives some insight into the greatness that has become TB12.

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1. He Trains On A Remote Island In The Bahamas


The author of the Men’s Health article, Ben Court, revealed that for the past seven years Brady has traveled to a remote island in the Bahamas for a “beach boot camp.”

Court got the chance to partake in a vacay workout and described his training in a beautiful narrative that involved him catching balls from the New England Patriots star.

“Catching these bombs is chewing up my forearms,” Court admitted, while describing how impressed he was with Brady's age-defying arm strength.

2. He Wears Pads for Sand Sprints at High Noon

Gettyimages | Al Bello

When the sun is directly over head and it’s near the hottest part of the day, Brady does not take a siesta.

He straps on his helmet and pads to do sand sprints while pulling his TB12 trainer, Alex Guerrero, with resistance bands.

3. The GOAT Spends 15 Minutes Per Day Doing Brain Drills


“I’m more of a thinker, obviously, than a physical specimen,” Brady says in the article.

He strictly adheres to his mental fitness program, called TB12 BrainHQ, to train his brain for 15 minutes per day while working on speed and pattern recognition.

According to the site for TB12 & BrainHQ, the program "targets brain speed and accuracy, so quicker and better split-second decisions become instinctual."

4. He Sticks to Eating the Same Foods


Men's Health reveals that Brady is a creature of habit -- shocker -- and eats the same healthy food again and again, although he claims to not be obsessive about his diet.

The QB's meals are a rotation of; "berry-and-banana smoothies pre-workout; avocado and eggs for breakfast; salads with nuts and fish for lunch; hummus, guacamole, or mixed nuts for snacks; and roasted vegetables and chicken for dinner."

Even though he's strict, he's not crazy, and Brady admits that if he's craving a piece of bacon or some pizza ... he eats it.

In case you're wondering, he did not talk about that OTHER thing he really likes to eat.

5. He Is The 'Neo' of the NFL


What separates Brady from the rest of the mortals on the gridiron, is he is actually able to experience a game that not many even realize exists.

The author described Brady as Keanu Reeves character, Neo, in "The Matrix," and describes how the QB can "seemingly slow down time in his mind and bend it to his will."

"There is a comfort in the known, as opposed to being uncomfortable with the unknown," Brady explains like a philosopher.

He delves deeper, claiming "There are not many things that I unknow in football. You call the play. I see the defense; I know what to do. Say there’s five guys going on routes. Wherever the defense guards are, I’m going to throw it the opposite way. By the time I have the ball in my hands, I know what I want to do with it."

Unfortunately, just like "The Matrix," nobody can actually be told how Brady experiences an NFL game ... you've just gotta see it for yourself.

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