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Tom Brady Wants To Race Against Lamar Jackson, And Fans Find It Hilarious

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By Clark Sparky

It was a big night in Baltimore on Thursday for Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson. He broke Michael Vick's record for most single-season rushing yards by a QB en route to a 42-21 thumping of the New York Jets.

At just 22-years-old, Jackson is now the clear front-runner for league MVP. It seems that might be making Tom Brady, the man whose usually the NFL's best QB, a little competitive.

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Brady tweeted on Thursday during the game, "Me vs Lamar, 40 Yard Dash on natural grass but he has to wear rollerblades. Who’s buying the PPV?" Considering Jackson runs a 4.3 40, having him wear rollerblades still might not be enough for Brady to win the race.

Fans flocked to the comments with reactions to Brady's sarcastic challenge.

"Tom, my god. Get your ass off social media and get in the weight room. And this is coming from a youth football coaching legend, not some random clown," one guy suggested.

"Tom, if it was you vs Lamar and he had to run 80 yards barefoot on a track covered in thumbtacks you’re coming in second," another joked.

"You want him to fall and get injured, thus eliminating a legitimate contender from the pats playoff run. Chess not checkers," another said.

"This team is about to take home field advantage from you and this is where your mind is at? Seriously?" an upset fan wrote.

Earlier this year, Brady and Jackson did meet on the field, although it was to play football not race. The Ravens came out on top with a decisive 37-20 victory.

After the win, Jackson spoke to Showtime about what paying against Brady meant. "When I was on the field, it wasn't hitting me," Jackson said. "I'm trying to compete. When I touch that field, my goal is to come out with victories and that's what I wanted to do.

"Like I said, I didn't care who I was playing against, you know? Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T. of all G.O.A.T.s, six Super Bowls, 20 years doing it, the guy's still playing like he's a second-year player, a third-year player like he's a young guy in the league and still you can't take nothing from him. It was crazy. I know we're going to see him again, so we've just got to prepare."

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