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Tom Arnold's Estranged Wife Called Police to Perform Welfare Check on Their Children, Who Were Deemed to Be OK

By Daniel Goldblatt

Tom Arnold's estranged wife became so fearful for her children's safety earlier this month that she called the police to check on them while they were in the custody of the "True Lies" star.

Ashley Arnold detailed the alleged incident in a court filing recently where she tried to seek a restraining order against Tom, which was ultimately denied. Tom filed for divorce earlier this year and she responded by claiming his alleged prescription drug abuse caused their marriage to fail.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ashley claims on August 12, she received a FaceTime call from her 6-year-old son Jax, who, along with her daughter Quinn, was in Tom's custody.

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Ashley claims Jax was "crying hysterically and was inconsolable" because he said he could not find Tom or his sister anywhere. She claims Jax told her they had left the house with the babysitter "long ago" and that they had not returned.

After a few minutes, Tom and his daughter returned and Ashley claims she asked Tom why he left Jax alone. She says he responded by grabbing "Jax's iPad from him and disconnected the call."

Later that evening, Ashley claims Quinn called her "crying hysterically" and asked to be picked up. She says, once again, that Tom grabbed the iPad and disconnected the call.


Ashley says she began calling Tom repeatedly because she was "extremely concerned for our children’s wellbeing and their states of mind" but he did not pick up her calls. She says she also tried calling back the kids but believes "that my calls were blocked to their iPads."

She says she then decided to go to Tom's house and because Tom "was behaving so erratically‚ I called the police and asked them to do a welfare check on the minor children, and to meet me at the house."

Ashley claims she arrived at the house before the police did but Tom would not allow her to see the kids.

Police eventually arrived and performed a welfare check. Ashley says Tom "showed them a video of the minor children sleeping. Jax appeared to be passed out on the couch in the master bedroom with the television on, and Quinn was asleep in the master bedroom bed."


Tom responded to Ashley's allegations, claiming he had left Jax in the home for about 10 minutes because he and Quinn had "stopped to look at the moon together."

He paints a different picture of the FaceTime conversation, claiming, "Ashley began yelling at me through FaceTime. Both of our children were in the room and heard her. I asked Ashley to stop yelling. Ashley did not calm down, so I ended the FaceTime call. I then calmed Jax and Quinn down using the tools suggested by the therapist that morning. The children went to bed thereafter."

Tom says the officers arrived at the home later for the welfare check and was provided a card that said, "Children are okay. In good health."

He says, "The children were not at risk of harm at any time."

The judge ultimately denied Ashley's request, stating, "The court believes that an evidentiary hearing is necessary and declines to issue ex-parte relief under the specific circumstances presented."

A hearing was set for September 6.

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