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Bloody Fight Erupts at Famous L.A. Sushi Joint After Fire Breaks Out

By TheBlast Staff

Fists were flying as firefighters tried to control the blaze from one of L.A.'s popular sushi restaurants, and it all had to do with business owners blaming each other for the devastating fire.

It all went down early Monday morning at Tokyo Delve's Sushi Bar in North Hollywood, where fire crews battled a huge fire that spread to other businesses in the strip mall.

Tokyo Delve's is known more for partying than sushi, and famously hosts meals where guests end up dancing on tables and downing hundreds of Sake bombs.

It's unclear what started the flames, but because nearby restaurants and pubs are connected by an adjoined attic, the fire quickly spread.

As business owners began to show up to witness their dreams go up in flames, a fight broke out between a group of people who were blaming each other for the blaze.

Firefighters tried to break up the physical altercation, which ended with multiple people in handcuffs and one man with a bloody head wound.

Law enforcement confirms they responded to the fight but are still sorting out who may be at fault while working to determine the cause of the fire.

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