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Todd Chrisley Declares He's Going to Battle Over Federal Indictment

By Gary Trock

Nobody's going to make a monkey out of Todd Chrisley, and he's making it very clear that he intends to fight the criminal charges.

The "Chrisley Knows Best" star posted a message to fans on Wednesday, putting to rest any doubt he was going to lay down and take the federal charges levied against him and his wife, Julie.

"When it's time to fight, you fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to noah's ark ... and brother, it's startin' to rain," a meme posted by Chrisley read.

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The meme shows a monkey in a suit holding up a handgun, with a very "Pulp Fiction" vibe going on.

Along with the photo, Chrisley wrote the caption, "Just sayin..."


The message was pretty obvious, Todd and Julie believe they are innocent of bank and tax fraud, and are going to fight the U.S. Attorney on the charges.

As we reported, officials claim the Chrisley family made millions of dollars over the years from their reality show, but did not file tax returns in time for 2014, 2015 or 2016.


The federal indictment also alleges that Julie physically cut up financial documents to piece together fraudulent information.

Officials claim that "throughout the conspiracy," Todd and Julie knowingly went on lavish spending sprees, dropping thousands of dollars at electronic stores, luxury retail stores and other purchases ... but claimed they did not have enough cash to pay off their outstanding tax debt.

Todd has denied the claims, and believes a former employee has fabricated false evidence against the family.

As we reported, both Todd and Julie entered pleas of not guilty during their first court appearance.

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