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Rapper TMG Fresh Victim Of Home Invasion Robbery At Los Angeles Home

By Mike Walters

Rapper TMG Fresh was robbed at gunpoint outside of his Los Angeles home and police are currently on scene investigating details surrounding the incident.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, officers were called to the home of rapper TMG Fresh at about 2:30 am for a home invasion in progress.

TMG Fresh, whose real name is Douglas Jordan, was reportedly returning to his home with a friend and the two were approached by three men with guns.

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Robbers Made Off With Cash And Jewelry


The robbers reportedly asked for cash and jewelry and made off with some of both.It's unclear at this point, how much cash what pieces of jewelry the robbers took from the rapper.

The up and coming rapper has been very public about his wealth and videos appeared on youtube and other social media showing cars and watches owned by the rapper.

TMG Fresh also owned multi-million dollar homes in the LA area and reportedly sold a 7,500-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for just under $8 Million.

TMG Fresh Is Son Of Wealthy Political Donors


This is not the first time TMG Fresh has had run-ins with police, in 2018 the rapper was pulled over in his Rolls Royce in Burbank, CA for not having license plates. Upon inspection of his vehicle, cops found "narcotics and a loaded handgun" inside the car. Fresh and the other person were arrested on the scene.

Fresh, whose hit singles include “Throw A Stack,” “Silk Pajamas,” and “Millionaire," is actually the son of one of the wealthiest and most well-respected families in the Northern California area.

His parents, Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan are major philanthropists, influential political donors.

The Rapper's Parents

Gettyimages | Pool

TMG's father Wayne Jordan is one of the richest real estate developers, and his mother is a civil rights attorney.

The couple preside over the Akonadi Foundation, a charitable foundation that has donated over $35 million to nonprofit organizations since 2000.

The Delaney-Jordans are also influential democratic political donors and have hosted both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at their mansion in the San Franciso bay area.

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