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Tisha Campbell-Martin Pays $115,000 to Buy Back Royalties in Bankruptcy Case

By TheBlast Staff

Tisha Campbell-Martin has reached a deal to buy back the rights to collect her acting royalties as part of her bankruptcy.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the trustee in Tisha and Duane Martin's bankruptcy case explains a settlement has been reached with Tisha over her residual rights. The docs state that Tisha will pay the trustee $115,000 in two installments — $60k followed by a $55k payment — within 90 days of the court approving the deal.

The trustee and Duane and Tisha have been battling over the residuals for months and since the bankruptcy was filed, the trustee has collected $300,000 in royalties.

Since Tisha has filed for divorce from Duane, she appears to be taking steps to take control of her business affairs from him.

The docs state, “Since December 2017, the debtors have been in the process of ending their marriage and in February 2018, Ms. Campbell filed for divorce from Mr. Martin ... In connection with that process and Ms. Campbell’s stated attempt to unravel a long history of Mr. Martin’s control over their joint finances, Ms. Campbell engaged new representation with regard to the dispute described in the Agreement."

Tisha Campbell-Martin told the trustee that during their marriage, Duane was responsible for all the financial dealings, including collecting her residual money and managing the finances of the various loan-out companies she was paid through for her work.

Duane did not participate in the settlement talks nor has he asked the trustee about buying back the rights to his residuals.

Interesting to note … Tisha said she agrees to assist the trustee reasonably and consult with the trustee in relation to issues involving the estate claims against her soon-to-be ex-husband Duane and will provide any documentation they need in relation to the claims.

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