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Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin Blame Bankruptcy Fiasco on Divorce

By TheBlast Staff

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin are fighting back against accusations of hiding money in their bankruptcy, and are claiming their recent split has caused all sorts of financial miscommunication.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Duane Martin is pleading with the court to not sanction him and his estranged wife after the trustee in their bankruptcy claimed they hid $50,000 in acting residuals.

The crux of the argument is over a $125,000 payment that was made late to the Trustee, and an alleged misunderstanding over which residuals the Trustee is entitled to given that the Martins thought they were buying back their rights.

In his declaration, Duane admits he "Had problems determining what amounts might be owed to the estate" when he delivered a check for Tisha's residuals. He says the blunder falls squarely on his shoulders: "Prior to our separation, I handled the family finances and business finances by myself. I recognized then that I was not capable of preparing an accounting by myself."

Pointing to the divorce with Tisha, Duane says, "We were having difficulty communicating with each other and agreeing about major and minor issues, including who to retain to prepare the accounting requested by the Trustee."

In her own declaration, Tisha agreed with her estranged husband and said she had relied on Duane to facilitate the delivery of her residuals to the Trustee, and when she found out he may have messed up, she immediately had her lawyers investigate the situation.

Tisha says that since splitting up with Duane she "Wanted to take charge of my own finances," and is hoping the court does not sanction her because of the oversight.

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