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Tim Conway Suffering From Fluid on the Brain, Is Unable to Speak

By TheBlast Staff

An attorney assigned to represent Tim Conway in a proposed conservatorship visited with the comedian and his wife and says while Conway has recently lost the ability to speak, the attorney seems to believe his wife "has his best interests" at heart.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Michael Harris was appointed this week to represent Conway as his daughter Kelly and wife Charlene battle over control of his health care.

Harris says he went to visit Conway on August 28 and says Conway was "unable to communicate" and "showed no ability or willingness to talk." Harris added that Conway did not seem to comprehend the nature of the conservatorship.

On August 29, Harris also met with an attorney representing Charlene. The attorney told Harris that Conway is suffering from fluid on the brain and believes his condition might be treatable.

Harris says he also spoke to Conway's caregiver, Justin Solancho, who said that Conway lost his ability to speak sometime in the last 30 days. Solancho told Harris that Conway's wife visits him almost every day, his children come occasionally, but his daughter Kelly has been restricted by Charlene to only one visit a week.

Harris says the facility where Conway lives costs $24,000/month and it is unclear how much of that is covered by insurance.

While moving to a lesser facility might save money, Harris says that Solancho believes "any move from his present residence would be adverse to Mr. Conway's personal interest."

Harris also spoke directly with Charlene, who told Harris she wants to work with a renowned neurologist to correct Conway's neurological problems. She says her concern is for Conway to "receive proper physical therapy so that he can better improve neurologically."

While he does not give a specific recommendation, Harris writes, "It is my present belief that Mrs. Conway, my client's wife, is an adequate and appropriate steward of her husband's well-being and that her motives regarding Mr. Conway are in his best interest."

As The Blast first reported, Tim Conway’s daughter, Kelly, is asking a court to appoint her the conservator of her father’s person so she can handle his medical treatments. She claims the “Carol Burnett Show” star suffers from dementia and is “almost entirely unresponsive.”

She has filed for a temporary restraining order to keep Conway's wife from moving out of his current treatment facility.

The case is ongoing.

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