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Tiger Woods Making Huge Comeback On All Levels, Getting Business On Par with Stellar Swing

By TheBlast Staff

Tiger Woods' return to competitive play in the PGA has been full of excitement, and the moves he's also been making off the fairway make it clear that Tiger is laser focused on big success.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Tiger recently filed his intent to use "Tiger Woods" on a ton of golf related services, including:

  • Building construction services of golf facilities

  • Maintenance of golf courses and driving ranges

  • Consulting services in the field of architectural design of construction and building of golf courses

  • Horticultural and turf care

  • Landscaping design services

  • Sports instruction and golf instruction

  • Services providing food and drink

  • Health and beauty care services for human beings

  • Services of a golf club

Tiger and his company, Tiger Woods Design, have been involved with numerous course designs over the years. But, none have ever featured his actual name, so it's possible the golfer is planning on developing an official Tiger Woods course or country club.

He also appears to be taking the impact golf has on the environment very seriously, because one of the filings lists his intent for "Providing preparation and development of turf grass and soil for providing an environment that encourages improved growth attributes."

If there's any time for Tiger to focus on building out his brand and business, it's now. He's been mounting a huge comeback on the PGA tour this year, and has already been in the hunt for a big win on Sunday multiple times.

There is serious talk that Tiger could also win this year's Masters Tournament, and if that happens, he'll be in a perfect spot to capitalize with the business side and give a huge boost to the Tiger Woods empire.

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