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'Tiger King' Star John Finlay Got His Teeth Fixed -- See The Shocking Photo!

By Mike Walters

'Tiger King' star John Finlay has a huge surprise for everyone who has been watching the outstanding Netflix series about life inside Joe Exotic's Tiger zoo...he has new TEETH!

If you have been watching (if not, you should start now) you have noticed every interview with Joe Exotic's husband John, he is shirtless and showing off his 3 or 4 teeth left in his mouth.

But, in new photos which have surfaced on social media, you can see he has had a fresh new pair of chompers put in his mouth!

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Check Out The 'Tiger King' Star's New TEETH!!


Now, how great do these bad boys look on Mr. Finlay!!

According to reports, he actually got all of his teeth replaced back in July of 2019, and the new set are dentures.

Interestingly, producers of the series have plenty of footage of John fixing his teeth and sporting the new smile but choose not to put it in the show. Why you ask? Because shirtless with no teeth John makes for better television!

During several episodes of the Netflix series, the group admits to using Meth which is known for rotting your teeth.

The Side-By-Side View Is Shocking!

Check out the shocking side-by-side view of John with his new teeth, he doesn't even look like the same person!

Also, John spoke to TMZ, and cleared up the Meth issue with his teeth. The newly crowned television star told the outlet his brutal teeth are NOT actually as a result of tons of Meth use. Even though he admits to using the drug in the show, John says his teeth were screwed up before he tried the drug, and genetics paid a huge roll in his teeth issues.

BTW -- He hasn't touched the drug in six years.

Joe Exotic Is A Huge Hit On Netflix, You Should Be Watching...

For those of you who have not been watching the show...John Finlay is married to Joe Exotic, who is the star of the series, and the two entered into a 3-way married with a young man named Travis.

In most episodes, John is seen doing interviews shirtless showing off his tattoos and his messed up teeth.

Spoiler alert! Finlay ends up with a woman named Stormey and he still lives in Oklahoma with his fiance.

'Tiger King' is a new hit series on Netflix which follows the life of 'Joe Exotic,' a big cat owner who ends up in prison over a murder for hire plot. Ya, you should start watching it ASAP!

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