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'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic FINALLY Moved Out Of Isolation And Into Prison Medical Unit

By Mike Walters

'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic is pumped today after finally being released from prison isolation into a medical unit room with a hospital bed and a window!

According to the Netflix star's representatives, the Tiger King has just been moved out of the 'SHU' (Special Housing Unit) or solitary confinement, after spending months on lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

"BREAKING: Joe Exotic has been moved out of the SHU (isolation)!! He now has a room with a hospital bed and a WINDOW!" his reps posted on Instagram.

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Joe Exotic Released From Prison 'Special Housing Unit'


As we reported, Joe Exotic has been on locked down for quite some time...something that he details in a scathing letter posted by his social media account.

In the letter, Joe claimed he was not being allowed important medications and said if not moved he would be 'dead in 2-3 months.'

"My soul is dead, I struggle every day to hold onto what little hope I can find, they keep me locked down 24/7 with no phone, email or commissary and you will never understand the mental abuse this does to a person," his message read.

'Tiger King' Star Now Has Hospital Bed And A Window...


'Tiger King' fans are flooding Joe's IG page letting him know they are fired up that he finally got his clearance to move. Plus, they are still pushing to have his charges dismissed.

"Awwww awesome !!! Can’t wait till they release him, time has been served #freejoeexotic," one fan posted.

Another added, "Great news!! Hopefully, we can free him next"

It's unclear at this point, why the prison finally allowed Joe Exotic to move rooms, but it seems they agree with the fact that he needs medical attention -- based on the fact they placed him in a room with a hospital bed.

Joe Exotic Claims He Would Have Been Dead In Months...


In Joe's heartbreaking letter, he detailed the issues leading up to the move, saying, "I'm losing weight, sores won't heal, I'll be dead in 2-3 months. It's like I have been sent to death row, they stopped all of my medication except one. This place is hell on earth, and the mental torture of being locked in this room alone and not even hearing Dillon's voice or a letter."

As we reported, he also complained of not hearing from his husband Dillon. Joe's husband responded by saying he DID write to Joe, but the prison mail system had slowed down due to COVID-19.

Joe's conviction and multi-year prison sentence is currently under appeal.

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