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'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Says He Is 'Isolated' Inside Prison With No Access To Phones

Joe Exotic
By Mike Walters

The 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic says he is being locked in a medical isolation unit inside of a Texas prison -- and in a handwritten letter to a judge -- he claims the quarantine is making it hard for him to fight his $94 Million lawsuit against the government and former business partner Jeff Lowe.

In the letter, obtained by The Blast, Joe claims he is currently being isolated inside of FMC Fort Worth, Texas's medical unit. The problem is that this area of the prison has no access to phones or computers.

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See The Handwritten Letter!

As we reported, Joe is in the middle of a $94 Million lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service, the United States Department of Interior -- saying the circumstances surrounding his allegedly “false arrest,” the criminal investigation (including his “intentional entrapment”), led to 'malicious prosecution' against him.

"Sorry for the handwritten letter. However, I am being isolated at the federal medical center ft. wth. And have NO access to a computer, phone, email, or library to respond to the government's last request," Joe's letter begins.

He continued, "I am asking for at least a 30-day extension to the deadline of April 28th, 2020 in hopes I am allowed access to use things I need in order to properly answer their request. Thank you."

Joe Exotic Says He Is Being Isolated Away From Phones, Computers

Joe is up against a deadline where he needs to file a response in his lawsuit, and he is showing the court he isn't' able to properly respond while in the medical unit.

The 'Tiger King' star is being isolated because inmates from the previous facility where Joe was housed have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Interestingly, the prison disputes anyone has tested positive, but Joe is still being housed in an isolated medical unit. To be clear, Joe's husband says the Netflix docuseries star is NOT infected with the virus.

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The other major problem with the isolation, Joe is having no contact with the outside world and his husband hopes to change that in the next month. Dillon Passage says he hopes to have conjugal visits with Exotic as soon as they allow him back in the general population.

As we reported, Joe Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his rival Carole Baskin. He was also charged with killing several tigers. Exotic is currently appealing the sentence.

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