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Delta Is Cool With Tiffany Haddish Bringing Salmon on a Plane

By TheBlast Staff

If there were any qualms with Tiffany Haddish feasting on some pungent salmon before takeoff, Delta has just put them to sleep ... with the fishes.

A rep for the airline tells The Blast "there are no specific restrictions" when it comes to the food passengers can bring onboard, however they do ask that people "consider their fellow passengers in all choices that extend beyond their personal space. That relates to sight, sound and smell."

Haddish brought the BBQ seafood, along with some chicken, on her flight this past weekend. Luckily, the guy sitting next to the "Girls Trip" star didn't mind, and even nibbled off her plate. Some fans online claimed unleashing salmon on a crowded plane was offensive, but clearly Haddish's plane didn't seem to mind.

If there was ever an issue with stinky salmon, Delta assures us their flight attendants are "trained to engage and deal" with the issue, but that was not necessary on Haddish's flight.

BTW, if there was any doubt that fish can be served in the friendly skies, just check out Delta's current in-flight meal options.

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