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Tiffany Haddish Calls Georgia Abortion Bill 'New Slavery' as She Explains Decision to Cancel Her Show There

By Daniel Goldblatt

Tiffany Haddish passionately defended her decision to cancel a performance in Georgia over the state's new abortion law, calling it a new form of slavery and creating a colorful way to use "Handmaid's Tale" as a verb.

The "Girls Trip" star was out at Delilah on Sunday night when she was asked about becoming the first celebrity to cancel a performance in Georgia after the state passed a law banning abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks.

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She explained her decision simply, saying, "If I can't have control over my body, if no other woman can have control over her body, why would I perform there?"

When she was asked if there was any way to solve the problem, she responded, "I don't know how it's going to get solved, to be honest with you. But what I do know is slavery is not cool. And if you're trying to use someone ... I read that bill and it looks like new slavery to me."

Haddish then tried to make the male paparazzo understand the situation from her point of view, saying, "If I told you had to cut your d--k if you have more than four babies, how would you feel about that? If I told you, you have low test scores, low credit score, you don't have your own home, now I need you to go ahead and get a vasectomy, because somebody like you, you been to jail three times, I think you need a vasectomy ... You'd feel controlled, right?"

She then added, "I've been in these streets a long time, before Hollywood, before all of this, I been here. I've seen everyone who's been loved and who's been unloved. And you have to figure out how to survive ... We're all figuring out how to survive."

The comedian then hammered home her point with a little help from a certain Hulu show: "Can I Man-maid's Tale your d--k? Can I Man-maid's Tale your d--k? But you wanna Handmaid's Tale my p---y?"

Under Tiffany's eye.

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