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T.I. Does What To Make Sure His Daughter Is A Virgin?!!!

Gettyimages | Moses Robinson
By Jeff Mazzeo

T.I. is a loving father and he is willing to do anything to make sure his children are protected but his latest revelation has people questioning where the line should be drawn.

The rapper appeared on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast where he detailed how he makes sure his daughter is not sexually active. "We have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen," T.I. told the two female hosts. "Yes, I go with her," he said when the hosts questioned if he was serious.

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He Takes Her After Her Birthday Every Year


"Right after the birthday, we celebrate, you know, usually the day after the party she's enjoying her gifts, I put a sticky note on the door, Gyno tomorrow 9:30," he continued. He went on to tell a story about how the doctor always maintains a level of professionalism and made his daughter, Deyjah sign a document so that her health information can be shared with her father. "Is there anything that you would not want me to know?" T.I. said to his daughter at the time. "See doc, ain't no problem."

T.I.'s daughter is now 18-years-old and is off at college. The hosts noted that Deyjah is very beautiful and she has over a million followers on Instagram so Tip has his work cut out for him now that she's not living in the same house.

The Doctor Had To Clarify A Few Things


The gynecologist made it clear to T.I. that there are other ways for a woman to break their hymen like riding a bike and sports. T.I. said he responded by declaring, "she don't ride no horses, she don't ride no bikes, she don't play no sports. Just check the hymen please and give me back my results." "I will say, as of her 18th birthday her hymen is still intact," T.I. proudly said.

Deyjah Doesn't Date


Deyjah has not commented on her dad's revelation but she has commented on her dating life in the past. In March, the reality star posted on Instagram, "💅🏽sorry, no boys for me. just a waste of time until someone who can love me and treat me like my dad pops up🤷🏽‍♀️until then…💆🏽‍♀️."

Before her 18th birthday, she made it clear that she is not dealing with any boys that are not serious just because she is "legal." "I just want to quickly say that just because I’m turning 18 in June…that doesn’t mean 1. that ya’ll will even get the chance to lmaooooooo 2. more importantly, that still doesn’t make it right for you grown a** men to try and get at me…I will still be A TEENAGER!!! if you’re not ok with someone your age tryna get with your daughter, sister, niece, etc. then don’t think it’s ok with me."

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