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These Fun Guys Admitted To Doing Mushrooms

By Jeff Mazzeo

Psychedelics are not new but they are still a little taboo. Artists and musicians have used "Magic Mushrooms" to help with the creative process for years but you may be surprised by which celebrities openly admit to munching some mushrooms.

Over 200 types of mushrooms produce the naturally occurring psychedelic compound called Psilocybin. If ingested, psilocybin causes a chemical reaction that produces hallucinations, a sense of euphoria, and other side effects.

It is still considered a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act and the DEA warns that the drug can negatively affect the body and an "overdose may result in psychosis or death."

Despite the warnings from authorities, humans have reportedly been ingesting psilocybin mushrooms for hundreds of years and many believe there are numerous upsides to eating "magic mushrooms."

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Harry Styles

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Former One Direction member, Harry Styles has come a long way since his boy band days and recently admitted to experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms while working on his album, "Fine Line."

The singer sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview where he detailed his trippy experience recording at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, which is now owned by Rick Rubin.

“We’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass, and listen to Paul McCartney’s Ram in the sunshine,” Styles told Rolling Stone. “We’d just turn the speakers into the yard.”

During his visit with the journalist, Harry pointed to a location on the studio's property.

“This is where I was standing when we were doing mushrooms and I bit off the tip of my tongue. So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories, this place.”

Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen has always been an open book when it comes to his marijuana use and his experimentation with other mind-altering substances.

In 2015, Rogen appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and told a real-life story of his mushroom adventures when promoting his holiday movie, "The Night Before."

The comedic actor told a hilarious story about how the 18-year-old Seth took a trip in Amsterdam but ended up in Paris.

"We decided we were gonna do a bunch of mushrooms, 'cause that sounded fun," Rogen told Jimmy Kimmel. "We bought 60 grams of them and we were like, 'we'll just split them.'"

After a hilarious story about his encounters with the Dutch people while messed up, he described how his friend and he had a minor freakout and ended up in Paris, France without their belongings.

Dan Bilzerian


Instagram playboy, Dan Bilzerian often talks about how he has ingested mushrooms in the past but he recently hinted that he took a trip while exploring mother nature with some smoking hot models in Iceland.

Bilzerian posted a collection of photos and videos with the caption, “Icelandic journeys 🌋🍄.” What’s interesting is the fact that he included a volcano emoji and a mushroom emoji.

The mushroom emoji implied that he was enjoyed the scenery on a specific mind-altering substance.

Dan admitted during an interview with London Real that "shrooms" are not a huge factor in his life but said he has taken them over a dozen times.

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