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What You Need to Know About 'The Voice' Star Katie Kadan

Gettyimages | NBC
By Enoch K

Katie Kadan entered "The Voice" with a bang. After wowing the judges with the beloved Aretha Franklin’s song "Baby I Love You" during the blind auditions. She joined John Legend’s team. Even after this, she had to defeat other powerhouses in the Battle Rounds and Knockout Round. This was a testament to the diversity in her voice and song choices, Katie Kadan is one to look out for on the live stages. Cheer her on because she could the next superstar!

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No Longer Shy


Katie was involved in church and sang in the choir, but never sang by herself. She lacked the confidence to do so.

When she decided to step out, she started singing at a local open mic and was welcomed to come back every week. Now she is able to accept her shyness, but will not let it prevent her from singing in public and reaching her dreams. Especially, since she feels this is the only thing she is really good at.

Body Positive Champion

Gettyimages | NBC

She is a champion of body positivity. Her size has always been an area of embarrassment as she was bullied for her size. She has grown more confident and believes at 30 that she is “dope”. On a post on Instagram she says, “I look at myself in the mirror and say I’m STRONG, I’m SMART, I’m TALENTED, and I’m as SEXY as I’ve ever been,” writes Katie. “No one can tell me different anymore. Those haters can take seat! … I know I can do this! I’ve received messages from you guys that have made me cry tears of joy, and made my heart melt. I thank my family, friends, and people I don’t know who support me. I love all of you and I humbly thank you for your encouragement."

Family Jams Is a Huge Influence


Music is a family affair. Katie remembers always having family jams and her cousins & sisters playing a huge part in the music she loves. She has released her own music and in her acknowledgment, she says, “Her vision to expand her musical influence is shared with her two amazing cousins, Ray Bleth and Joshua Paul, and her amazing sister, Sarah Kadan, Of course, she wanted them to be a part of sharing her art. Playing with them has been such a blessing for Katie.” Her family is cheering her on from Chicago and says “If you’re in Chicago, head on down to Mati’s Cafe and Lounge Monday to cheer Katie on at her official watch party”.

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