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The Rock is Team Drake in Ongoing Pineapple Pizza Debate

By TheBlast Staff

The Rock has chosen sides in one of the most heated ongoing debates our generation has seen, and the action star is letting the world know: He says yes to pineapple on his pizza.

The "Hobbs And Shaw" actor was pumped when his trainer called and said he needed a "mid week carb up." So, like any normal person he ordered a pizza ... but The Rock doesn't do just a boring large cheese. Posing alongside two gigantic pies, The Rock explains when it comes to toppings, "pineapple on pizza is MY JAM - with ham."

He's just one of the many celebrities who have voiced his opinion on the pineapple pizza discussion, as you'll recall, Drake blew fans minds earlier this year when he too confirmed he digs pineapple on his pizza.

Here's some other celebs who have weighed in:

Jimmy Kimmel - “Pineapples do not belong on pizza."

Justin Bieber - “Pineapple on pizza is good."

T.J. Miller - “It’s sweetness on a pizza. As an adult I don’t get it but I still eat it."

Paris Hilton - “I actually like it."

Gordon Ramsay - “You don’t put f—ing pineapple on pizza."

The battle wages on, but The Rock joining ranks of pro-pineapple is a huge swing in the pizza revolution.



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